The reporting landscape
is evolving.

We shape, refine and design
Corporate & Stakeholder Communications.

The reporting narrative is changing.

Is it time for a clean sheet of paper and a red pen as we steer businesses away from a convenient ‘report & repeat’ process and encourage innovation when drafting and mapping the content of the annual report?

The journey towards ESG reporting is accelerating.

While it is encouraging that ESG and the wider Sustainability challenge is increasingly on the agenda, could it be argued that some of the existing standards create a platform for more lip service than corporate responsibility?

The need for transparent reporting is increasing.

As investors seek greater transparency and accountability and where stakeholder engagement appears increasingly material, will stakeholder capital come at the expense of shareholder value?

The benefits of digital reporting are compelling.

More annual reports are read from a digital platform than in print. So most shareholders are reading a report designed to be printed, yet consumed online as a PDF. This may be convenient, but is it the most engaging solution for the reader?

Better Communications by Design

Our ambition is to always deliver better. We will achieve this by continuously challenging ourselves to improve how we approach and respond to projects. We want to work with clients who want to communicate better. We seek to challenge convenient narratives and bring clarity through meaningful dialogue. We believe in playing our part towards a better world. We will strive to always manage our business and our impacts in a sustainable way.